Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ice cream = cavities

today was exciting. I found out my last dentist screwed up the fillings he put in my mouth and I had to have them fixed. watch out, you don't want to have to do what I just did!!! especially because to get me numb it takes 5 shots, which didn't even work I was still in pain!!!! the dentist was like "it's in your head" but honestly it was not, it still wasn't numb after 5 shots and they normally do 2!

then we thrifted for hours because I was in too much numbness to do anything else.... I got this outfit... then we went to sweet action, because my brother is in town and I couldn't eat anything other than ice cream today, well I had sushi later too....


my dad is so cute! he went back for a second serving of ice cream because he liked it so much! ha ha ha! I've never seen him do that in all of my life. ok goodbye see you tomorrow

Bondi - Sculptures By The Sea '06

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