Saturday, May 15, 2010

you don't look fat in that video, part 3

hello dear blog readers. Today I am very grumpy. Everyone who has bothered me I told them that they were bothering me. ok so in reality that was only one person. HA. That reminds me I'm going to start doing Saturday In Quotes. Every Saturday I'm going to post the quote of the week. I'd like to share with you one that is on our official quote wall.

"I look fat in that video!" - GUY

"you don't look fat in the video" - GIRL

HA HA. on that note, glass wall! episode 3.

also I've been having some fashion annoyances lately so I packed up half of my clothes and tried to sell them at buffalo exchange. Then I'm dumping the rest at the thrift store... and now i'm going to bring in the new fashion with these little tid bits of fashion inspiration...

alright have a good saturday night! i'm going to go out too... bye!

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