Friday, June 18, 2010

the break-up

alright I listen to this american life too much! (and when i say that I mean all day most days). I wanted to share with you guys my favorite episode, it kind of goes along with the rest of this blog post. It's called "the break up" It is hilarious!!!!! listen by clicking here

so the other day I was cleaning out my stuff, trying to rid myself of boxes I knew didn't want. It took an entire day to clean out every closet/box/journal. I threw away most of it and kept the essentials. But I came to a dilemma. i started reading old journals and looking at old pictures because I had 2 huge containers of this stuff. So I guess what I need to know is do you people keep this stuff??? or do you throw it away? I was thinking of updating old journals so that I could still remember who I was but maybe not be able to read some of it- because I have completely changed since this time. I may have done a complete 180. OK maybe a 160. so ya i need help with this decision. But I know that every ex-boyfriend section is going to get a make-over kind of like this-

As I've been reading my past and re-living some emotions I simultaneously have been stressing out about my future. I found myself saying, "what am I going to do??" I decided that that is completely the wrong question. The question that I officially started asking myself now is, "what am I going to create?" This made me feel so much more excited and calm about what I'm doing next. Woo sigh of relief.

stressing out about life made me want to do this (isn't that amazing, i didn't know it came it such large quantities) ha ha...

OK well I'm going back to dreaming and keeping secrets (about these plans) goodnight!!

'So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!'
Peter Pan

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