Thursday, June 3, 2010

road trip

hello everybody, sorry I've been gone, but I needed a mini break from blogging.... but I'll be blogging regularly again.

lately I've been obsessed with driving from LA to Vancouver. I'm not sure why or what has sparked this ridiculous adventure, but I'm ready to take it on! not sure when though.

so it takes 22 hours to get from Los Angeles to Vancouver! I'm thinking I get in my car or airstream and find amazing destinations immediately!!

Destinations that must be sought out:
1. this grill/bar!2. this Californian Safari3. Soda pop stop (to buy this soda)

2. Bolinas Annual Tug of war

3. this drive through Doughnut shop!

4. Defenestration house

5.tree house camping
6.airstream hotel... or rent an airstream, or convert a trailer. check this one out!
7. salvation mountain

8. a pez museum

there are many many more plans...! but what can I do, other than collect information. basically I'm going to do every quirky weird thing you can do, for instance "moon Amtrak" sounds interesting! ha. google that. Also I think I have to go to the Seed Bank, because the guy who owns that is obsessed with his collection of seeds.

ok bye for now!

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