Thursday, December 15, 2011

i'm over the moon!

I love christmas.... I mean, it is the most wonderful time of the year, ha! I also love presents, giving them getting them... i'm over the moon for these shoes!
christmas presents...

I have a new obsession with the Moon. I think it may be that this year I saw a lot of movies/documentaries about the moon or about space. Another Earth was one of my favorite movies this year, which may play a huge roll in my moon obsession.
On the subject of movies, I wanted to post some of my favorite movies from the year. I liked some of them more than others!

I meant to see Project Nim.... and other movies I liked were Drive, Jane Eyre, The Skin I live in (do not see unless you've seen the trailer and know what you are getting into!) and Tree of life. I really want to go to sundance! Ok well I think I will post some of my favorite music from this year as well... go watch some of these movies and let me know what your favorites are!


Michelle said...

Did you like the musical saw scene in 'Another Earth'?
You can hear music from it (goes perfectly with visions of the moon :) on the composer's website

andrea ball said...

oh thanks!! I'll look into that for sure!


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