Sunday, February 19, 2012

Summer time is coming, and I can't wait.

I was looking back on this blog and I mentioned HWY 101 and taking a road trip there. What I forgot to mention later is that I went! So I thought I'd post some pictures, especially since I'm feeling the need for summer. I really want to go on another road trip! On this one we went from San Diego to San Francisco. My favorite part was Big Sur! Wow, it blew my mind how beautiful it was.

This is salvation mountain, right outside of San Diego. The old man who built this still lives there in a truck. It's hilarious and difficult to find too, sort of, since there aren't really street signs in the middle of the desert! Can you see me in this first picture?

Salvation Mountain!
Salvation Mountain!
San Fran!Monterey, CAfarm country! lettuce farm...BIG SUR SunsetDSC_0378DSC_0415
the nest!
view from our yurt


Hector Miguel Cobian-Cordova said...

These are great pictures. Where was the picture of the crazy pool taken?

andrea ball said...

Thanks! It's Hearst's Castle. He was this crazy insanely rich newspaper man who bought up all these historical items after WWI and put them in and around his house. So the pool is from Rome! It was amazing, one of the craziest things I've ever seen. I'll have to show you the other pictures.


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