Friday, March 16, 2012

Puzzled @ Ironton Studios with Kagen Schaefer

Lately I've been admiring people who are working hard on doing what they love. So I've decided to document this so we can all find inspiration from their creativity.

Kagen has his studio at Ironton off of broadway, here in Denver. He makes puzzles, puzzle boxes, and furniture pieces with puzzles, which usually open to secret compartments. The table featured in my pictures involves moving the top to a specific design, once you figure out the pattern the drawers will swing open, genius! If you'd like to see what he has for sale, or just check out his web site CLICK HERE Also pictured is Hector Cobian, who works with Kagen at this amazing studio space!

Did I mention that the smell of wood is pretty amazing?! LOVE this.

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This is the outside of the space, where I think I'll be hanging out as much as possible... ha ha ha thanks for reading!

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